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Dell Technologies by Microsystems

In partnership with Bermuda Microsystems Group, we provide high quality IT products, services and consulting for all workplace needs: in the office, in the cloud, together, remote, or hybrid, today and into the future.

Our Capabilities

Comprehensive Managed Services

In partnership with Bermuda Microsystems Group, we provide managed services that encompass all aspects of IT operations – from remote service to network and security. Optimise your IT environment with our tailored solutions and deploy our service capabilities wherever you need them; adjunct to your IT staff or as your IT go-to.

Hardware Setup

Once we have identified your hardware needs, we can optimise performance by adjusting the configuration of hardware to integrate effectively into your organisation’s systems and softwares. Let us handle workplace technology so you can focus on innovating and growing your business.

Disaster Recovery Assessments

We don’t just identify the issues, we work with you all the way through to complete recovery and further to help prevent future unplanned events. We assess your organization to reduce your threat exposure by identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing your patching efforts and provide employee security training, strengthening your organization’s security posture.

Solutions by Industry

Technology is actively reshaping how students are learning in the classroom. The modern learning environment places an emphasis on collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The result is a classroom that is far removed from the traditional image of chalkboards, desks and pencils. Educators are investing in new technologies that are enhancing the learning experience creating an environment that is fun, engaging and efficient.

How We Can Help

Our experts will introduce your school and educators to the benefits of Dell Technologies, set up and maintain laptops, desktops, and tablets, oversee the lifecycle of devices, and design and implement storage and data protection solutions.

Bermuda Microsystems Group has proudly supported the civil service for over two decades. We’ve helped implement IT solutions and services for numerous government departments. Presently there is tremendous opportunity to deliver services, cut costs and drive innovation through new technological advances. Technologies such as data analytics, hybrid cloud, mobility and remote services offer many opportunities and potential challenges.

How We Can Help

Our experts will implement modern converged infrastructures that are open, affordable, and efficient, provide consultation advice on the latest Dell solutions, assist with IT support for Government IT projects, and oversee the lifecycle of desktops, laptops, and tablets.

The retail industry is experiencing an enormous shift away from traditional brick and mortar outlets to digital platforms that can service customers from mobile devices anywhere and at any time. Smart devices are offering consumers unprecedented connectivity to engage in price comparison and personalized experiences uniquely catered to their needs. Retailers in Bermuda have no choice but to have their stores ready with the latest cloud POS, robust WIFI, fast internet and secure data storage.

How We Can Help

Our experts empower retail organisations to decrease operational expenditures through deployment of modern technology infrastructure, enhance the customer experience via greater insight into consumer purchasing trends, streamline inventory management and visibility, and protect and safeguard sensitive customer data.

The opportunity for the healthcare industry in Bermuda to advance its services and treatments is immense. There are however, various challenges that must be addressed regarding technologies such as electronic health records, data storage, patient portals, workstations, IoT devices etc. Any technology deployed should facilitate and ease the process of patient care management.

How We Can Help

Our experts can assist healthcare organisations by upgrading legacy infrastructure, assisting in the implementation of telemedicine platforms and portals, strengthening and reinforcing data and security, improving network performance, and augmenting IT staff.

The finance industry is presently undergoing another wave of technological disruptions and Bermuda is leading the way in some Fintech innovations. Certain Fintech and Blockchain companies are forming in Bermuda. They are developing apps that alleviate the hassle of sending money overseas, building platforms that offer a single solution to accept payments anywhere in the world, smart contracts etc. This rapid innovation combined with rising consumer expectations can have the potential to revolutionize traditional finance.

How We Can Help

Our experts can assist any new company starting up by helping start up firms with understanding of new office set up an IT infrastructure, augmenting IT staff, and safeguarding sensitive client data.

Data is increasingly becoming an essential asset as the need to serve more customers over larger geographical areas and across a myriad of suppliers continues to develop. Technology can enable transportation and logistics organizations to adapt and thrive in the new digital landscape. Updating legacy systems and embracing digitalization can reduce operational costs, increase supply chain efficiencies and lower risks.

How We Can Help

Our experts can assist logistics and transportation organisations by augmenting IT staff and reducing the cost of in-house operations, safeguarding critical client and company data, and reducing supply chain bottlenecks by prioritising a modern IT infrastructure.

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